Allen Bradely Light?

Is there any documentation over it? This is my teams first year so we aren’t aware that if this light was used before or not and have not been able to find a use for it. I have seen though, some posts regarding a sort of
Safety/Hazard light usage… :confused:

The Allen Bradley light is also known as the Robot Signal Light. It is wired to the RSL connector in the Digital Sidecar as shown in the Power Distribution Diagram

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Thanks for the reply. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and ask another noobish question. Is the light mandatory? I’ve seen posts about it BEING on the Digital Sidecar, but not that it was required.

Yes, per <R58> the light is mandatory and must be visible from 3 feet in front of the robot.

<R58> ROBOTS shall use the diagnostic Robot Signal Light provided in the Kit Of Parts. It must be mounted on the ROBOT such that it is easily visible while standing three feet in front of the ROBOT in the STARTING CONFIGURATION. The Robot Signal Light must be connected to the “RSL” supply terminals on the Digital Sidecar, which provides power and control for
the light. The team has no direct control over the light and no programming is required.

It is mandatory so the field supervisor at your event can tell at a glance if your robot is connected to the Field Management System. It is a very handy diagnostic tool which highlights some common problems. I recommend putting it in a protected yet visible location. Ideally, the Field supervisor can stand at the center of the field and slowly turn in place and see all of the RSLs.

The FMS is also giving info about your robot’s state to the Scoring table personnel, but it can be hard to get that to the Field SUpervisor in real time due to noise etc.

Does anyone know of a source to get a replacement RSL?

It’d be a bonus if there is a Canadian distributor as well!

Thanks in advance!

The RSL is listed as “Panel Signal Device” in the Where to get more sheet.