Has anyone else got allergies. Pollen, ragweed, dust, ect? I’ve had them for years and I was getting anti-allergy shots to make me immune to them but I stopped after a year. That was age 13 or 14. They just recently, as in 2 days ago, flared up again. And I mean really bad. It was so horrible today, that I took twice the amount of Claritin D 24 Hours than I should have. I know, not a smart idea but I was suffering. I also took a nasal spray. Does anyone else have allergies this bad and if so, how do you treat them?

haha I’ve got allergies, they’re not terrible but I hate 'em.
Slowly expose yourself to the things you’re allergic to - it really is suppose to help. For example, I’m allergic to cats, tree pollen, and dust (among other things, bleh). I own cats, I live in a forest, and I work with dusty hay.

I also take Allegra, and that works pretty darn well

One day I discovered one of my friends is allergic to soy… now he hates soymilk :smiley:

That’s exactly what the shots were for. Exposing me to the allergens with small doses in liquid form. It worked great but I was supposed to do it for 6 years. Well, it got rather expensive rather fast and the insurance wouldn’t cover it.

Ugh, yes, and they’ve been awful this summer! :frowning:

I take Zyrtec-D (every 12 hours), use a saline nasal spray as often as I feel the need, and Nasonex nasal spray before bed each night. I also use this to help determine when pollen is supposed to be bad. It doesn’t stop my allergies from flaring up, but it gives me some indication of how miserable I’ll be the next day:

Good luck!

I’m allergic to Claritin… found that out the hard way! But i’m not sure what else…

I have allergies, and they have really sparratic outbursts. One day I’ll be perfectly fine and the next I’ll be tearing up from all of the allergies and I can’t do anything.

Clariten > All

I am allergic to work…

Soy is overrated anyway. :cool:

But yes, I happen to know a bit about cat allergies. I’m somewhat allergic to Michelle Celio’s cats.

So I am…but I’ve gotten used to them :rolleyes: :wink:

i have allergies to pollen, dust, cats, and season changes but they haven’t acted up lately. this could be because i haven’t been outside in a while or because i’m at a place wehre the season is usually the same year round. also we’re extra cautious at home.

i use zyrtec. it works on normal occaisons after a few hours but if it’s really bad then i just have to wait until it’s gone.
i used to get allergy shots when i was little…like 3x a week. i don’t know if it helped…i was too young to remember. i didn’t even know what the shots were for.

I have allergies, strange ones at that. I will either be fine all day until I sneeze and then, runny nose, runny eyes, constant sneezing, and itchy eyes out of no where and it would last until I took medication or I would have it in the morning and no amount of medication would help. I would try many different OTC medications, Sudafed worked great for months, but then it stopped working. That would happen with everything until I turned to Benadryl. Yet benadryl during the school year would have me sleeping from 1st period until lunch… I now take prescription Allegra D 24. Works great, when I remember to take it…

On my way to the fair yesterday I picked up some generic allergy sinus relief medicine from the gas station and it works better than the Claritin IMO. That was my extra dose of meds that I said I used. I took it again this morning and I have yet to sneeze. I’ve blown my nose a couple of times and my eyes are about to get itchy, I can feel it. But it’s working quicker than Claritin. But lasts only about 6 hours.

I’m allergic to jellyfish, found that one out the hard way, had welts from that incident for months. It doesn’t impact me much though, there aren’t jellyfish in my area and they don’t float around in the air or anything like that. Luckily, I don’t have any other allergies that I’m aware of. (After reading this thread I’m doubly glad, sounds like you guys have a tough time in the summer)

IMHO - I would of stayed with the allergy shots. The five years goes by a lot faster than you can imagine and if the regimen is successful you will be a lot happier than you were before. If you went through the unpleasant allergy testing to find out what you were allergic too - the once a week shot is a drop on the bucket. I was terribly allergic to mold and dust (on top of a couple others I tested positive for but chose not to treat for). It comes down to do you want to make a choice between taking all the carpet, etc out of your house to eliminate allergens or begin a treatment plan. I have chosen to not treat my remaining allergy flares with any of the OTC or Prescription drugs due to the way you feel in result of them. I’ve been through every companies distribution and would rather fight the allergy than feel drowsy effects of the medicinal treatment.

Why would one own a cat if they tested positive for feline allergens?

The only stuff that I’ve found to work to my liking is Benadryl. Everything else seems to come in waves. It’ll work really well for a few hours, then completely stop doing anything for about half an hour.

If you get the Benadryl pills rather than the gelcaps, you can break them in half. That seems to be the right balance between drowsiness and effectiveness. A whole pill stops any allergy symptoms completely, but puts you to sleep. Half a pill makes you a little tired but makes the symptoms managable.

1 pill? I always thought the dosage was 2 pills! I would be fine when I would take them on weekends. Then again I tried taking a Perceset to put me to sleep and I was up for 4hours after I took it.

Dustmites, grass mold, various pollens, and a slight allergic reaction to fireants.

I take 1 Zyrtec 10mg every 24 hrs and have been for the past 3 years or so. That stuff works like a charm. :slight_smile: I never have problems with runny noses, hives, etc. I love that stuff.

The only problem with dosing every day with Zyrtec is that if I do not take it during one 24 hr period, my body starts acting like it’s going into withdrawel and the side effects make me look like a crack head.

The palms of my hands and feet start itching/burning real bad, my body starts itching in random places, and I get real cold. I end up walking around huddle up, rubbing my hands together, and scratching ferociously. Hilarious to watch, not fun to experience :(.

pollen, ragweed, dust, mold, cats, the works i take a clarinex a day, and sometimes if they are really bad, this allergy stuff from walmart. that stuff dries the sinuses out in notime.

I found that Singulair helps me most.

I have a unique and very severe allergy - smoke. I never get hay fever, but if people smoke too close to me I end up in the hospital. Not very much happiness there. Exposing myself to it would not help much, just make it worse.

Medicine can only do so much. Try to make sure you’re in good health otherwise (stay in shape, stay hydrated), and see what happens. It helped my brother’s allergies when he started drinking a lot more water and staying hydrated. He just felt a lot better in general, and the allergies didn’t feel as severe.