Alliance Breaking... Nasty...

Not sure if this tournament rule was here in previous years, (I think it was), but I haven’t seen it used too much before.

If an invitation from a top eight ALLIANCE to another Alliance Lead is declined, the declining team may still invite teams to join their ALLIANCE, however, it cannot accept invitations from other ALLIANCES.

If you “know” that a certain killer alliance is about to form, could you just go down the list of other Top 8 ranked teams, be rejected by all of them, but in the process ensure that none of the ranking teams get to pick each other?



This rule gets used every year, especially at the Championship where the field is so deep. I remember last year (on Curie I believe) a couple teams declined the top seed to make their own alliance.

This has always been allowed as far as I know.

What he means is for example in Boston last year in order to prevent 126 and 69 from teaming up the number one seeded team could have picked the lower seeded of the two. If the accept the 1 seed’s pick then obviously the other two can’t be together, if they decline then they still cant be together.