Alliance makeup?

Hey, everyone, I’m pretty new to robotics and was wondering what types of
bots ya’ll would be doing. Is the majority leaning towards “breachbots” meant to breach and scale, or are shooters more in style this season? Please let me know. The reason being that we don’t want to be put on a team that is made up purely of “breachbots.”

I recommend checking out the polls on this forum and doing a couple searches. There are a few threads already started with regard to robot designs and the different types.

You’ll find most of your answers if you look around the General Forum, Rules/Strategy, and Technical Discussion.

Happy searching! The reason recommend you to look is because you’ll get way more info than starting a new thread that has the same basic question as a few other threads already started.

And of course, welcome to Chief Delphi!

During qualifications you get the teammates you get. That may be 3 robots that cannot cross any defenses or it may be 3 robots designed as shooters.

During playoffs, if you are top 8, you will select your teammates and ideally you will choose partners that complement your ability.

I can tell you that the best robots this year will be able to shoot high and consistently, as well as traverse most, if not all obstacles. Other than that, its hard to predict what most robots will do well. I wouldn’t be too afraid of a breachbot being bad solely because there are too many others though. It seems like a solid strategy, especially if you can support clearing defenses with a low shooter and climbing mechanism.