Alliance Station. Assignment or Choice?

The manual (i dont have a pic, im on mobile) says teams are not allowed to choose their stations for playoffs. This should mean the alliance captain will have the left station and the 2nd pick in the right (viewing from outside/behind the arena). At a regional in 2019, I was on the left as a 1st pick, our captains were center and 2nd pick on the right.

Championship Hopper: 254, 148, 2976 were in the right, center, and left respectively.

Was this simply a rule that was not updated?

Your understanding is not on par with the rules.
“ALLIANCE Leads are assigned to PLAYER STATION 2, the first picks are assigned to their left in PLAYER STATION 1, and second picks are assigned to the ALLIANCE Lead’s right in PLAYER STATION 3.” --11.7.2, 2nd paragraph.

For Championships, the teams on the field–and where they are–are picked by the Alliance Captain when they submit their LINEUP. “ALLIANCES may start with any three (3) of the four (4) ROBOTS on their ALLIANCE during Division Playoff MATCHES and during the Championship Playoffs. The list of three (3) teams participating in the MATCH and their selected PLAYER STATIONS is called the LINEUP.” --11.10.1, 3rd paragraph


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