Alliance Station Loading

Where would we find the dimensions for the human player station? We need to know how far back the stop in the hatch loading part is for one of our designs.

You can Open up the CAD model/checking the manual for more dimensions if its not in the manual the official CAD will have it

From of the game manual (emphasis mine):

Like the CARGO SHIP HATCH, the LOADING STATION HATCH is backed by two (2) backstops. The backstops each have an inner width of 7¾ in. (~20 cm) and a depth of 3¼ in. (~8 cm). The top backstop has a minimum height of 3 in. (~8 cm), and the bottom backstop has a minimum height of 3¼ in. (~8 cm).

If I understand your question correctly, 3¼ in. (~8 cm).

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