Alliance Station

how big is each station. is it the 69 inches wide by 12 deep or is that the whole station?

I don’t understand the question.

69" x 12" is the size of the shelf on which teams place the Operator Console. Several inches on the left side of that space is occupied by an emergency stop button. The player station is not significantly wider than the shelf, and there is no specified back limit to the player station (though individual venues will obviously have physical limitations to how far away from the alliance wall the drive team will be able to move).

Game Manual, section 2.2.8
Attached to the ALLIANCE WALL in each PLAYER STATION is an aluminum shelf to support the OPERATOR CONSOLE for the FRC Team in that PLAYER STATION. The support shelf measures 69 in. wide by 12 in. deep. …

Game Manual, section 2.2.6
The ALLIANCE STATION extends 10 ft. back from the ALLIANCE WALL, and spans the entire width of the wall. …