Allison Babcock-Phelps: Request for Recommendations

Hi my name is Emily, and I’m a student leader of team 1024, the Kil-A-Bytes from Indianapolis, Indiana. We are re-nominating our mentor Allison Babcock for the Woodie Flowers Award at the FIRST World Championships.

While Allison’s impact on our own lives is huge, we also know that Allison’s work as both a mentor and an FTA has reached more than just us, the current students on team 1024. We are looking for any stories and recommendations to help us write our essay, because we really want her to have the recognition that she definitely deserves, not only from us but by the larger FIRST community.

  • Alumni: Please tell us your personal experiences with her. How has she helped you better your skills? Any fun memories with her?
  • Students from other teams who have worked with her as an FTA: What impact has she had on your FIRST experience?
  • Volunteers: Was she fun to work with? How did she impact your FIRST experience?
  • Other mentors: What do you think she does well as a fellow mentor? What you like about her?

If you would like to contribute, please PM me or publically post about her here in this thread.