Allowed pneumatic components

Are the Bimba components the only allowed pistons, or can I get them from a different manufacturer?

Por favor, read the pneumatics rules. Specifically, <R86>, <R89>, and <R90>.

You are only allowed to use Bimba and Barker.

man, you got the answer before me. You are beast.

Because the OP is not in the mainland US, they just might be able to use a replacement under <R42> if they’re having trouble getting a hold of legal Bimba cylinders. Otherwise, yes, you would need to use either Bimba cylinders identical to those on the order form, or Parker cylinders from old KOPs that are identical to legal Bimbas.

oops, thanks

sorry, I meant Parker ;).

In regards to <R42>, I know Canadian teams in the past have been given order forms from SMC Canada, from which we were allowed to order rams identical in size/shape/mounting/bore/stroke/whatever, to the Bimba ones.