Allowed to use CIM motors from last year?

Believe it or not, we think we wore out one of the 4 CIM motors we got this year. How did we wear it out? We had TOO MUCH TIME TO PRACTICE !!!

Are we allowed to use the CIM motors from last year as a replacement?



Team 1015 Pi Hi Samurai

Only on your practice robot if you have one, but not on the competition robot. The only motors that can be used from last year are the FP’s.

Thank You for your quick response !!

We’ll order new ones from InnovationFirst.



I’m not so sure. I’d wait for a second opinion, or Q&A. Of course, if you have the cash, its always nice to have more motors around when you need them.

**Looks like it’d be ok.

<R20> **Motors, pumps, and, robot controllers from previous robots may not be used in addition to those provided in the 2005 kit of parts. They may be used as direct one-to-one SPARE PARTS for those provided if the provided part fails or is damaged. They may only be used if they are identical to the part being replaced (note that 2002 and 2003 Fisher-Price motors are not the same as those in the 2005 kit, and, therefore, cannot be used).

Aren’t the CIM motors from last year identical to this year’s? If so, there’s no reason I can see that you wouldn’t be able to use them. The spirit of the motor restriction rules is to ensure that everyone has the same maximum amount of available power, not to require that you can only use the four specific pieces they gave you. So, if the motors are identical, it should be okay. Can someone verify if they’re different or not?

They are the same and legal to use:

ID: 1229 Section: Status: Answered Date Answered: 1/24/2005
Q: The CIM motor from 2004 is the same part number, FR801-001, as the 2005 motor. The only apparent difference is the length of the keyway. Can the 2004 motors be used this year as replacement/substitute for the motors provided this year?
A: Yes.

Good job guys, I stand corrected - Looks like you can use last years motors.
Sorry I didn’t see that rule. The FP’s rule now allows the use of last years or you can swap the 6V for a 12V. The Power Sliding Door motor this year is different than last years, I think someone posted that they were like 50rpm instead of last years 75.
Anyways, looks like you are good to go on last years CIM motor.