Almost Cher and others at Philly!

Posted by Stephen at 03/24/2001 12:29 AM EST

Student on team #122, NASA Knights, from Grafton High School (Robotics team is at NHGS) and NASA.

Just got back from the team party in Philly - had a really good
time. One item of note, impersonators of Cher, Brittany Spears,
and Aerosmith were on hand and ‘sung’ on the field. Cher’s outfit
was the same as the 'Turn Back Time" video (think skimpy) until it
was quickly covered up by an EMT’s jacket. I know some of you
think that I am making this up, but we (along with the other teams
and event cooridinators) were surprised as you are!! A quick
word to the Philly folk, we thought it was funny; don’t be too

The rest of the party was incredible. Musuems like the Franklin
Institute make surprisingly good venues.