Alphabet Game


Maybe not, have a look at @GoalkeeperBoss’s post: Alphabet Game


Nope, look here :wink:


Of course, I understand where you are coming from, but read his initial post:


Pl_as_ can w_ not mak_ this a thing wh_r_ half th_ things on CD ar_ things wh_r_ th_ mods hav_ to r_s_t th_ gam_ or som_thing lik_ that. With that b_ing said, I would p_rsonally find it hilarious if th_ mods stopp_d us at th_ l_tt_r L with a a gif of th_ Fortnit_ Tak_ Th_ L danc_ (fortnit_ d_s_rv_s an Oscar don’t @ m_).


Quick not_: You forgot to und_rscor_ 14 of th_ "_"s


R_ally? Idk what ur talking about. I n_v_r miss_d a singl_ “_”.


Som_ of us would disagr__


Th_ truth is that som_ p_opl_ may hav_ miss_d th_ "_ "s and som_ oth_rs may not hav_ miss_d th_ "_"s!


Ultimat_ly do_s it v_n matt_r? Do_s anything matt_r? How can mirrors b r_al if our _y_s ar_n’t r_al?








y tho


Zany zach




black hole


Cat. You miss_d th_ “_”


darn! I thought w_ chang_d th_ l_tt_r w_ w_r_ dropping?


Start at ‘A’, do not use the letter ‘T’

(Technically it said a mod should reset it, but none have replied so idk)