Also what other EVEN number teams going?

and how you got there

We won Delphi’s Driving Tommorow’s Technolgy award at Sacramento for having one of the few successful autonomy modes, specificallyforour line follower, and gyro. We will be going to nats if all goes well.


388 is going as a result of winning the chairmans award and also as a result of our winning alliance at the vcu regional with 384 and 395… sparkey (384) is goin to houston too :smiley:

We are going in result of the point system and our 2002 success… MidAtlantic #1 Seed, Finalists, and Leadership In Control Award winner

last year, we won several awards.

Buckeye Regional, Cleveland OH
Regional finalist
Xerox Creativity Award

Great Lakes Regional, Ypsilanti MI
Regional finalist
Imagery award

Western Michigan Regional, Grand Rapids, MI
Imagery award

we ended up with 10 points. so, we’ll see y’all in Texas

my signature should tell how the points got us in this year.

1038 won the Leadership In Controls award this year at the Buckeye Regional.

team 692 is definatley going to nats :d
we won the sac regionals…WAHHOOOOOO!
still in shock, and still have no voice due to screaming for three days straight. Can’t wait to see every one there :smiley:

Team 814 is going because we won the Leadership in Control Award. We soo deserve it. And we’ll probably win the same award in San Jose :smiley:

We won the Chairmans Award in St. Louis

It’s all in the Sig. Need I say more? :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

The Flyers (formerly the Penguins) of Team 66 will be attending nationals again this year.

Team 330, The Beach’Bots will be there. We qualified on points last year by getting the Sportsmanship award and being part of the winning alliance at the LA regional.

We requalified this year by winning the Industrial Design award and being a Finalist at the AZ regional.

Looking forward to seeing ya’ll

Team 250 is a 12 year team and also we got the engineering inspirartion award at the UTC Regional in 2003, so either way we are qualified to go and we will be going.

*Originally posted by dez250 *
**also we got the engineering inspirartion award at the UTC Regional in 2003, **

That doesn’t get you there.

We won the award at Phoenix. I too was surprised that the 2nd highest honor bestowed doesn’t get you to finals.

2003 Championship Eligibility
2. Teams automatically qualify for this year’s Championship in the following
All former Championship Chairman’s Award winners (1992-2002)
Prior year Championship winners
Teams that have participated in every competition year (1992-2002)
Current year Regional Event winners
Current year Regional Chairman’s Award winners
Current year Technical Award winners at Regional Events (Driving Tomorrow’s
Technology, Industrial Design, Leadership in Controls, and Quality Awards)

and yes, there is an Engineering Inspiration Award offered at nationals.

I verified our team’s interpretation of nationals’ eligibility not including that award.

Team 234 “CyberBlue” won the Regional Chairman’s Award at the Arizona Regional. We are planning on going to Nat’s but first we have to get the money and make the planning. We look forward to seeing all of you and hopefully you will all look for our robot with our giant flailing arm. We wish all the teams at nationals, and all the Regional Chairman’s winners and winners to come good luck in Houston. I am really looking forward to going to the first FIRST Houston National Competition.

Hard work pays off. Think about the future, not what is pleasing now. Keep up the hard work and you will succeed.

Good Luck

Won Granite State Regional and Chairmans award, and UTC regional My heads spinning too


it looks as if 100 will no longer be attending nationals. After qualifying, which was everyone’s high hope for this year, our team (Minus me for dumb reasons) decided that we do not have the money to attend, and also decided that they werent even going to try and raise the money, so barring a miracle, there is no way 100 will be at nationals, unfortunately for the first time in 9 years. Good luck to all even teams that have qualified this year.


the BombSquad will always be at nationals, being a former national chairmans award winner, we are invited to attend every year.

Delphi E.L.I.T.E. will be going to Houston!

We were given the Motorola Quality Award at the Pittsburgh Regional.