Altering the Autonomous Code

The Line Following tutorial states that the out-of-the-box is written for a six-wheel, drop center, skid-steer drive system.

I don’t know if that is the reason, but running the autonomous code on our robot (four-motor mecanum drive) doesn’t work; instead of following the line, simply drives diagonal-backward until it senses the tape we’ve calibrated it for, at which point it stops moving.

Can this be explained by the code not being meant for our robot, and if so, how would we go about changing the code?

You will need to modify the code, primarily by changing the Robot Drive from an arcade that drives two motors, to be a mecanum version that drives four.

The basic elements of the code are to determine forward power and left or right power. It uses the arcade to combine those. Think through how you want to combine them for mecanum.

Greg McKaskle