Alternate Backup Battery Charger

Being that the charger in this years KOP doesn’t regulate properly and the rules have been modified to allow chargers other than the one in the KOP and since we don’t wish to use the IFI charging circut and prefer to charge them off the robot.

Does anyone care to suggest an alternate charger for the 7.2v backup battery that can be obtained in short order?

doesn’t your local radioshack carry those

becuase they are just like the RC battery packs they sell

KOP backup battery chargers from the past couple of years work fine. We’re bringing ours from last year.

We can only seem to locate 2 from previous years and we would like at least one if not two more, which is why I asked.

7.2 volt is a hobby style battery pack so hobby stores that carry RC equipment likely will have 7.2 volt chargers. You might want to pay a little extra and get a charger capable of quick charge and auto shut off.

Charging, conditioning, and capacity testing all in one device…

I would like to discourage the use of high current fast chargers intended for
RC car power, unless you are also using the battery that is also intended for RC
car power…