Alternate chassis lift kit

I’m part of team 4072 (A rookie team).The currently Andy Mark is out of stock of the chassis lift kit. Are there any other good solutions on where to get one?

You can try bolting another C-channel extrusion under the frame, this will give you an extra inch, and with 8inch wheels is just about enough to get over the bump [which I assume is what you want to do].


How much lift are you looking to get?

A quick and easy way to get the KOP frame high enough to get over the bump is to bolt some lengths of 2x1x.125 Tubing to the bottom of the frame and run your axles through that. If you want bonus points you can miter the ends of the tube to a 45* or so to give you a little help in getting over the bump.

Take you for the info. However I am confused by what you mean when you say 2x1x.125 Tubing.

Rectangular aluminum tubing 2" x 1" outside dimensions and 0.125" (or 1/8") wall thickness.

Check out this picture:

2x1x.125 Tubing refers to the size of a piece of Rectangular Aluminum tube. In this case, 2" would be the ‘B’ dimension, 1" would be the ‘A’ dimension and .125" would be the ‘C’ dimension.

If you were to take this piece of tubing in a short length, let’s say 3"-6" long, and bolt it to the bottom of your chassis using the 2" dimension as your height, you could raise your axles up a total of ~1.5" to 2" depending on where you drill holes in the tube. If you were to make a 45* cut into the tube and make that 45* portion stick out in front of the leading edge of the wheel, it would contact the barrier first and start lifting the chassis up before the wheel hits. That would make it easier to get over the bump with KOP wheels.

Yea we just bolted another c channel underneath the chassis like Mk.32 said but beware when cutting out new holes for a custom wheelbase make sure you get your measurements just right

Thank you for all the information my team and I really appreciate it!