Alternate motors with anti-backdrive systems

Hi all,

I’m looking for motors that have a mechanical anti-backdrive system to the DeWalt gearbox or the Denso window motors for a research project. The DeWalt motor+gearbox fits a little too oddly, and the window motors are difficult to find.*

The AndyMark snow blower motor looks like it would be useful, but I’m unsure of whether or not it has an anti-backdrive mechanism. It looks like it’s worm-driven which is nice, but it’d be nice to have a more direct system like DeWalt and Denso. Along similar lines, this window motor from Robot Marketplace looks great as well, but I have the same uncertainty.

Does anyone know of other transmissions or motors that have anti-backdrive mechanisms?

Much appreciated,

*Other window motors are easy to find, but are the FIRST supplied Denso motors the only ones that have the anti-backdrive pins? I’ve done some extensive searching and CD is the only place where these mechanisms are mentioned with regards to window motors, and it’s specifically for the kit motors.


What are your size, power, budget, weight, etc. restrictions and requirements?

For worm gears from common FIRST suppliers, these options may interest you:

Would a one-way clutch work for your needs?

Hi Sean, how’s it going?

The motor is going to hold the position of two Festo actuators applying a moment about an axis, so I’m going to need a fair bit of torque. I’m positive that a DeWalt 18v would do the trick, but it fits really awkwardly in the design. I’m sort of balancing it against the great packing factor of that Robot Marketplace motor. It’s worm-driven, but it packs a lot better in the limited space I have. I was mainly wondering if there are other transmissions that have a separate mechanical anti-backdrive system like the DeWalt transmission, as opposed to the mesh-friction anti-backdrive aspect of worm drives.