Alternate options to max planetary

My team was planning on using the max planetary system but with current supply chain issues they do not have the gear reductions we need. We designed some systems to use the female slot of the max system and are looking for some alternate solutions. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

AndyMark has the Sport series of planetary gearboxes:

do they have a female coupling that I’m not aware of ?

Is this what you are looking for?

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Would a hex shaft coupler work, or does that introduce too much length?

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Yes! I didn’t even know this existed.

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Highly recommend the Andymark system. Depending on the use and your team’s resources, I’ve seen teams make custom length outputs for their sport gearbox lines instead of using the female output adapter.

VexPro does have a kit that turns their versaplanetary systems into other outputs including a female end.

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FWIW, we broke a Versaplanetary female hex shaft coupler last year on our climber arm. The response from Vex was - don’t rely on it for shaft support, and don’t shock load it. Generally good advice but it seemed less robust than the AndyMark or REV female shaft couplers since it’s 2 pieces.

These are the Banebot ones IIRC. Very robust, and never had issues with them in the past.

We’ve broken one before as well. The Rev output looks much, much more sturdy, and the adapter AM has also looks better as well!

We used the versa planetary adapter in the beginning last year and it was a pain to mount for our application. It didn’t fail but we did have one of the sun gears fail so we swapped over to max planetary and couldn’t have been happier. In my opinion i wouldn’t use the versa planetary female hex

One thing I forgot to mention… shaft retention. The Versaplanetary female adapter uses a set screw to retain the shaft, which in my experience can fail. Rev’s, on the other hand, can be bolted in from the end before assembling, which should be much more secure. I haven’t used AndyMarks, but it looks like it supports two set screws. So probably more secure than the Versaplanetary, but not as secure as Rev’s.

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