Alternate Source for 1/2" Flanged Hex Bearings

AndyMark is out of stock on 1/2" flanged hex bearings ( - I think the world might end. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have an alternate source for these? I know there are numerous alternate sources for 1/2" round bearings.

As far as I know, AM is the only common supplier of 1/2" Hex Bearings, Flanged or unflanged. You could always do what some west coast teams do and step the shaft down to 1/2" round, or make a hexed insert for a round bearing.

In a pinch, I’ve hex broached bronze bushings and pressed them into regular bearings.

Its pretty hard to get those bearings, I have a lot of contacts and they could only find the Andymark bearings. However I did find a .5 inch Flanged Hex bearing with a 1.25 OD I think, those didn’t quite work with our design so we went with the Andymark ones.

I did some searching and I found the bearing

Hope this helps. Clearly it was 1.5 OD So its a bigger bearing but it might work

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Thanks for sharing good ideas. We actually already are stepping down to 1/2" round ends on many of our hex axles.

I like the broached bronze bushing into larger round bearing hole idea, Art. We might try that.

It seems like a business such as West Coast Products might want to investigate adding a little competition to the marketplace for a popular product like this hex bearing…if they haven’t already. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, hex bearings from WCP cannot be available for this build season, but stay tuned in the upcoming months.

They can be ordered from Weimer Bearing. Send an e-mail to (Marty Handle)
Or call 1-800-242-7981 and ask for Marty or Mike Kohnle
Make sure you specify the exact size (ID OD and Thickness)
They will quote you a price and have them out in a jiffy.
Their web site is set up more for industrial customers so you can’t really look at stuff and make web orders. We stumbled on them looking for a small v-belt that I had bought from an RC store. They had it and LOTS of other stuff.
Help introduce them the FIRST as we have.


Working on it! We should have some in a rubber seal in about 4-5 months. Too late for this build, but something to consider for later.


Ordered 10 from Weimer Bearing - spoke with Marty. $7.93 each. They are not 100% identical to AM, but close - the internal hex piece sticks out past the flange a bit more than the AM, so they say. Confirm details if you call them.

They said they found ~100 of these bearings from their sources.

Thanks also to others who’ve offered to share parts via PM!

R.C. - looking forward to it!

I just receive a call from Marty at Weimer Bearing. Unfortunately, the bearings they received in from their suppliers were mislabeled - they are actually ROUND, not hex. For any who ordered from them, expect a call from Marty. I of course cancelled our order.

Anyway, I am definitely interesting in purchasing/trading for any spare stock of hex bearings teams may have handy. Please PM me if you want to deal!

I am not sure if this is of any help, but I may have found some bearings you can use, in place of the hex ones.

I got a bunch from Vexpro last week. $3.99 each for 1/2 or 3/8.

Failing that, find a shop that will EDM round ones for you.

I was thinking about that, and wondering whether you’ll get arc discharge erosion between the balls and the races, or corrosion from the dielectric medium (distilled water in a traditional wire EDM).

The solution is probably to temporarily protect them with extra antioxidant grease all over the external surfaces, and covering the seals, and to make sure both races are at the same electrical potential.

We had some of our AM .5" hex bearings come in out of spec - the hex was too small. I called and the folks at AM said they expect more in on Monday… Just to give you some hope…

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We got ours this year from WCProducts.

Is there some reason VexPro was not mentioned? We just got a bunch of flanged hex bearings from there.

We tried Lutco yesterday and they do not have any in stock or really wanted to deal with us (there right down the street) but the OD may make things a bit more complex in terms of space. I believe the vex pro bearings had a recall or something like that i called them yesterday and they claimed that they may have some in next week but they will make no guarantee. I also called andymark and they said that they had an order in then they were sent out locally for a modification and are trickling back, they should be back in stock by next week

Does anybody know where to get 1/2’’ hex bearings that have an outside diameter larger than 1.25? We messed up a part and would like to fix the problem by using a larger bearing rather than running a new piece through the CNC’s.

VEX has them in stock… just checked.

You may have better luck finding a bushing that has a 1/2" hex bore with a larger round O.D. Here, for example, is a 0.503" hex bore bushing with a 13/16" OD. You could potentially lathe that to a more common bearing size.