alternating between matches!

With the chutes taking up so much space there is only 2 spaces for controlers which means much more in-between-match-time

I’d hate to think FIRST overlooked this crucial detail, its going to take a lot of extra time.

my guess is that there is still that shelf space, and how long does it really take to remove your controller system and hook in the new one?

I am also wondering about this. It is going to take time to lower the bar, unhook robots, and then raise the bar again. While this is going on, there will be ample time to set up controls and robots, I would think. But This could mean 5 minutes between matches. Previously matches could begin every 5 minutes, not every 7-8 minutes. Maybe it’ll go quicker than I think…hard to say. But in this case, teams ultimately end up with less qualifying matches, which in the case of the larger regionals like Chicago and Cleveland and Great Lakes, that could mean only 5-7 matches for qualifying…

well, i’m not positive, but didn’t woodie make the lowering of the bar out to be a safety issue? like only if absolutely necessary?

That is what he said, if teams decide to design their robots so that they can hang then I certainly hope that they think far enough in advance to have a way to easily unhook the robot from the bar.

That seemed to be how they were presenting it. I think the goal is to have teams take their controller over with a tether and manually let their robot down. If that won’t work, that would be when the lowering the bar comes into play.

But one of the ideas that they presented via the animation video of the game was that you could have an arm that would grab and lift your robot. So its very possible that many teams will decide to make a hooking arm.

I suppose the reasoning is that they dont want to have teams needing to reach over their heads to grab a robot that is like 5+ feet in the air, possibly. Also, its going to be impossible to reach anything grasping the top bar to release it, without it being lowered.


The rules say that as long as the robot is NOT touching any part of the field other then the pull-up bar then it counts, so it could be only an inch or two off the field and it would still count and it would be a lot easier to remove the bot if its only an inch or two off the ground.

the robot will be 2’ off the ground, but whatever youre going to be attaching to the bar with will be 10’ off the ground. Unless you know Paul Bunyan, I dont think you can reach that high to disengage whatever mechanism youre using.


yes, but it’s not a matter of getting back onto the ground so much as it is getting it off the bar. if there isn’t a way to release the arm or whatever attachment simply and there is a chance of human injury, then the bar would serve a purpose. so people, think about this now, design so you don’t get hurt, because that would just be messy!

In response to Cory:

That is true, but if you just have a hook then if the bot is only 2 inches or so off the ground then its easy to get a hold of the bot and just lift the bot then drop the bot to the ground. But if you DO have something that latches or a grappling hook type thing then I can see some trouble with that unless its really well thought out.