Alternative abalancing mechanism

I am wondering is there a way to balance the scooter using mechanical parts?

Segway and other self-balancing scooter on the web uses gyro and accelerometer to balance the scooter but the problem is that they drain battery quickly.

If there is a way use gears or other mechanical parts to balance the scooter when it is at stop position, i believe the balancing scooter can run in longer time.

The gyro and accelerometer draw milliamps, virtually no impact on battery life.

The drain on the battery comes from the drive motors. Remove them and the segway will power on for weeks. But, it won’t move (or it becomes a bicycle?)


yes yes, that’s right.

When scooter is at stop position, the drive motors still rotate to keep balance.

I am wondering is there a mechanism like landing gear on the plane or a “leg” coming off from scooter when it is at stop position. When rider lean forward or backward, the “leg” retracts. the Maybe that can reduce a lot of power drain by the drive motors.

i’m almost sure theres a kick stand on the segway

There is, but it’s only to be used when the operator is off of it for parking purposes. It’s not strong enough to hold a person while in kickstand mode.
In fact, people have hopped on a Segway with the kickstand down, and snapped it off before.

I always thought you could lock the wheels on a segway and lean it against a wall. Never saw the kickstand…