Alternative Activities during COVID-19 separation recommendations

Dear FRC teams,

I know that you exist all over the world, and this year, we cannot come together to celebrate, recognize and inspire others about Science and Technology. Here’s the deal. In Washington State, it is day one of 6 weeks where kids will be out of school, and parents are looking desperately for ideas for activities to do with their children. It’s my guess that you in FRC and FTC also may be home.

Before I make my request, let’s address safety. First, comply with all school districts and government recommendations to minimize the spread of COVID-19. At this moment, the recommendation is that there shouldn’t be groups larger than 10 meeting, so follow all current guidelines. Don’t go near your team if you are sick at all. Wash your hands. If possible wear gloves when touching items that cannot be sterilized easily like joysticks or controllers, etc. Also, when working on any project, make sure that there is zero stored energy in your project, and make sure to discuss it if you choose to participate. Wear safety glasses, hearing protection and any other necessary PPE. Explain your reasoning for that PPE. Are we clear? Cool. Now, let’s inspire!

Okay, there are many adults out there that talk about their work on the internet at conferences like TED. We are all stuck at home or at least stuck not going to our regionals. If your school districts are open and can get to your robots, would you please make a video demonstration of the feature you’d like to highlight for this season’s FRC game geared to K-12 audiences that are stuck at home. If you are at home, with your parent’s permission, would you post videos of creations you have made with safety instructions? Perhaps, it could be a 3D puzzle that’s 3D printed, printed jewelry, your guitar pedal board, etc. Make sure that it something that you are proud of, that you want your principal, your grandma and your favorite little kiddo to see. Create a video with your FIRST FRC number of your lesson, so you can share the inspiration and recognition of science and technology that your team can count as outreach if you mention FIRST and your team number. Parents would adore safe video demos from kids for kids right now. Discuss below if you’re unsure about your idea.

I have created a page on Facebook: . Share your videos there and your team facebook information. I’ll pass it on to the moms and dads out there. Got it?!

Mary Beth “Sensei MegaByte” Prendergast

P.S. If you like another team’s video, share it with your friends. If you think it is in poor taste or unsafe, please message the admin. “Competition for the sake not of destroying one another, but for the sake of bettering and improving both competitors as a result of the competition.” -Woodie Flowers about Gracious Professionalism

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