Alternative Banebot gearbox

Team 3138 started looking for an alternative gearbox for the Banebot Rs-395 since there is an absence of a usable gearbox from Banebots. We found that an FTC gearbox easily adapts to the Rs-395. Here are the steps:

You need one FTC motor and the Banebot Rs-395.

Step #1: conversion-Step 1.jpg

Step #2: conversion-step 2.jpg
Be careful not to smash the gear with pliers!

Step #3: conversion-Step 3.jpg
This is by far the hardest part of the project. The shaft diameter of the Rs-395 is .09 whereas the inner diameter of the pinion gear is .095.To use get the pinion to press firmly onto the shaft we filled the hole in the pinion gear with solder and drilled the hole back out to .086(#44). I am sure their are better ways of doing this step (maybe an apoxy), but this was quick and we had everything we needed on site. Once you get the gear pressed onto the shaft it will need cut down to almost flush with the gear.

step #4: conversion-step 4.jpg

step #5:
Attach the motor mounting plate to the Rs-395 using the screws that originally attached the FTC motor to the plate.

step #6: conversion-step 6.jpg

Although this works I am in no way vouching for its reliability. We have ran the motor, and the output shaft turns from 200-300rpm. It seems to have sufficient torque for our purposes, but we have done no rigorous tests on the setup.

Usable or not that’s a great smashup.

You should write a white paper and post it on CD.

Sounds like a great opportunity for JB Weld:)