Alternative control system questions, options and control distance

We need a Rio alternative for a demo bot. CD research seems to point to the AM “Quick and Dirty” controller or a VEX Cortex. Main question I cannot find an answer to is how far can they transmit/receive? Across a gym? Football field?
Any advice from folks who have done it would be appreciated.

The Cortex is limited by the VexNet key as far as I’ve used it, and it’s quite short range. I’d go the AM route

AM “Quick and Dirty” is best for basic bots. We use it for our t-shirt cannon and it can do a gym no problem. Football field I believe is the “It works but start breaking” point.

We have used the ctre Hero and the vex controller. Both have been great and would highly recommend.


What vex controller? I think we have a few, but I want to make sure that we are talking about the same thing. Even so, how do you program/connect to it?

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