Alternative Drive Method

Hi all, I am working on programming a robot for the FRC 2017 season, my driver would like to use the Z axis to turn the robot instead of the X axis in the standard arcade drive method. I know more than likely I’ll have to do the setup myself by using a get axis and setting the motor values on a floating variable accordingly. I just cannot get it to work. If any of you have done something similar and can show me an example or talk me through it, I’d appreciate it.


Don’t remember exactly but it is something like this:

arcadeDrive(driveStick.getY(Hand.kRight), driveStick.getZ(Hand.kRight));

Here’s a LabVIEW example. It’s clear enough you should be able to understand how to do it in Java.

Thank you so much. We will check these out and try it on our practice bot