Alternative Recharge Manual

Ha-dream team #3075 are releasing the Alternative Recharge manual!
A 2020 Infinite Recharge based mini games to provide physical games considering COVID-19 restrictions for an alternative, unique and empowering season.
These games were build in a way that allow more teams hosting tournaments - regardless of resources

We would be happy to answer your questions and ideas:


This is a cool idea. It’s great to see people finding ways to enable competition even under the current limitations. We’ve been informally kicking around a similar proposal.

I have a few comments after a quick scan.

1.) Was there a reason for removing the colors from the WoF? It seems that many teams that did build WoF manipulators last year also used the color sensor to count rotations.
2.) The original WoF activation specifies a certain number of spins in a specific mount of time, with an upper limit on rotations. Your rules seem to allow an uncontrolled spin?
3.) Could you add more detail about how the power ups are supposed to work? Maybe a couple examples would help. On the surface, it appears that a robot can just spin the WoF eleven full revolutions at any time during the match instead of climbing?
4.) In Section 3.3, you say “Do not make contact with the opposing alliance whilst climbing. Climbing while making contact will count as a climb for the opposing alliance.” How would you interpret a climb where two opposing, hanging robots make contact? How do you determine who touched who?

I like the general concept, but I wonder if you’ve perhaps opened up a bit too much ambiguity with some of the rule changes.

EDIT: Oh, and 5.) In Section 3.3 you say “Do not interact with the opposite teams Control Panel or Power Cells.” How does a team “own” a power cell? Do you mean cells controlled by an opposing robot? Isn’t a loose cell on the field anybody’s to take?

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Thanks for the quick positive respones :slight_smile:

  1. The reason we removed the colors from the Control Panel is so many teams will be able to host matches in their workshops. We believe most teams did not build color sensors to thier Control Panel, and we suggested a more simple way to recognize number of spins and position.
  2. We didn’t specified it, but yes - the Control Panel should be limited to 60 RPM, like the original 2020 game.
  3. You right, this is a bit missing. We will add examples and upload a new verion to our website.
  4. The Rendezvous Zone is sperated into two colors. Contact an opponent robot in their Rendezvous Zone will count as a foul. Robots from different alliances should not contact while climbing.
  5. You right, it does make no sense. we will fix it in our next version.

again, thanks for the reply, and if you have any more suggestions, feel free to contuct us :slight_smile:

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Every Control Panel I’ve seen has had colors. Given that AndyMark sold overlays that could be attached easily, and the availability of paint, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s more work to remove color than add it. You may want to consider having an option for how to work with colored wheels.

We are from Israel, in which most team did no paint or are using sensors for their field.
Therefore we decided to chage it up a bit and make it easier for teams.
You may use a colored one, or just keep using what you alreary have with the new rules we suggested.

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