Alternative Talon source?

I’m working on an off-season robot, and need some Talons (or Victor or Jaguar would work too, I guess).

AndyMark shows them as out of stock, so I’m wondering if I can pick some up somewhere else. Any pointers?

For a Victor or Jag, go to VexPro:

I would not know where to purchase a Talon, as the Cross the Road Electronics website refers you to AndyMark.

All of the Talons available and manufactured have been sold. I do not know when CrossTheRoadElectronics/AndyMark plan on having more.

I’d suggest using Victor 888s from VexPro if you can’t wait.

From the Talon product page “This product will not be back in stock until April. Thank you for your patience and patronage.”

I just went with the Victor 888’s - they’re the same price as the Talon in quantity, so no loss - the Talons are slightly smaller, but oh well…

Talon’s are now back in stock:

If you put your email in to be emailed when the old version of the Talon comes back in stock, you will be getting an in-stock email within the next hour. We have a few of the old ones left and a good supply of the new Talon SR available.

Here we go again.