Alternative to AndyMark Tread

My team is designing our drive train and we are having trouble finding budget friendly tank tread that won’t slip off it’s wheel base. All the in-stock treads on AndyMark seem to have a smooth side that is supposed to somehow grip the drive wheel and not slip off.

We don’t have a set budget, but we want to keep the price reasonable. $500 is way too much for tread.

Any suggestions for tread will help.

Our team is facing a similar problem. We do not want to work with the Andymark tread as we are afraid of slippage. We have found a site ( that carries something that we think that we can work with, but it is $40 per foot. For what we are thinking this is $520 we would rather not spend. If anyone has any other options they would be highly appreciated.

For your consideration, I present the following:

Mind you, I do not have any experience with any of these methods.

The only tread Andymark sells that is specifically designed for use as a tank tread is the Rhino belt. All other treads are meant to go over wheel rims to be used as regular, though very grippy, circular wheels.