Altitude changes ball speed

We are a team from Denver Colorado and traveled to California for our first regional and discovered that our shooter no longer shot the same distance. We came to the conclusion that it was caused by the 20% higher air density causing higher drag on these light balls. This is just a warning to make sure you recalibrate your speeds when traveling to other locations, especially at different elevations.

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I would guess it’s more to do with differing levels of wear on the balls. But I suppose that’s possible.


As much as I think it probably is the ball wear. It would be interesting to test how the altitude affects the ball speed.

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We were testing with our own balls

What about the elevation? :slight_smile:

So…we’re gonna have to turn ours down when we get up to Flagstaff, except that the PCs will be worn out from use at the previous two regionals they were in, so we’ll have to turn it back up to compensate.

Thanks for the heads up. We were expecting things to not work like they do at home, anyways.

Did anyone else read this as “attitude” changes ball speed?

you can do it ball!! I know u can!


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