Aluminum square tube elevator?

I’ve seen a couple of teams build a climber using several nested pieces of aluminum square tubing with bearings making it slide nicely. Are there any plans on how to build something similar to that and how to rig it?

You’re going to want to search for a “pink” or “233” elevator. 2056’s climber from 2016 seems a popular choice to try and copy this season.

Edit: I’m assuming you mean “nested” as literally the tubes nested inside eachother.

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The Greyt elevator has CAD that you can download that would be a great place to start. as for rigging there are a few different ways to do it. 1678 als released their 2018 CAD and is a great example of how to rig and build an elevator. the biggest advice I can give is to make one in the off season before you have to make one during build season.


A cheap and easy way involves versa tube diameter 1 by 2 with 1 fixed 3/4 tube inside and another 3/4 tube next to it(inside as well) with paracord tied to the bottom of the tube. Pull on the paracord and the tube comes up. There are better ways but you can get that done in a day after breaking different design. That will get a hook up, but would need to release the hook to a winch, or route it internally somehow.

This is the design my team used.


While it wasn’t load-bearing, we used a piece of 2x1aluminum tubing and put 2040 extrusion inside of it.

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