Aluminum VersaRoller and Hubs

Does anyone know when aluminum versarollers and hubs will be shipping from WCP? We ordered mid-January and are hoping that they will ship soon so we can complete our robot.

Have you tried contacting WCP to ask them?

Yeah, They haven’t responded for the last few days. I tried their emails as well as the contact us form on the website.

Spread some of the love around - if you’re nervous cancel your vex order and buy them from the guys who had them on the market first. Of course, call to insure they have stock, but their web site suggests they do.


Sorry for the delay we’ve been a little busy. I believe I replied to your email a little bit ago. But we don’t have the aluminum hubs yet but we do have the older generation on clearance. Email me @ rc at for any other questions.


THanks R.C.