Alumni - Did you get FIRST scholarships?

FIRST Alumni: Did you get a FIRST scholarship?

I am looking to collect a little bit of data about FRC alumni. If you are FIRST alumni or current high school senior and have attended, are attending, or will attend college or university, have you applied applied applied for FIRST scholarships? Why or why not?

Please do not fill out this survey if you are a mentor or parent (unless you are also a FIRST alum).

Please read the options carefully and select all that apply.

  • I received a FIRST scholarship granted by my university
  • I received a FIRST scholarship granted by a third party company or organization
  • I applied but did not receive a FIRST scholarship
  • I was ineligible for FIRST scholarships because of my major
  • I was ineligible for FIRST scholarships because of my school
  • I was unaware of FIRST scholarships
  • I was eligible but chose not to apply for FIRST scholarships
  • I received a scholarship for a school or major which I did not accept

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Thanks for your time! If you have anecdotes about your experience with scholarships, please let me know!

What would I check for: I was offered a FIRST scholarship to a school I chose not to attend?

I added an option for you. Turns out it cleared the responses. If you previously responded (in the past 5 minutes), please respond again. Thanks!

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I didn’t receive one, but I did have a hand in starting one while studying at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

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Could you share your experience with how you created one (who you contacted, what documentation they requested, etc.)? If you don’t want to post it in the thread, you can DM me. Thanks!

I voted I was “unaware” due to the fact that (at the time) my University granted FIRST Scholarships to high school juniors rather than high school seniors. I was unaware of this scholarship (and wasn’t even really considering the University) during my junior year. I believe they have sense changed the application age for the scholarship.

Though I received a couple of sizable scholarships from my college’s foundation, FIRST didn’t offer (and still doesn’t appear to) any scholarships for the Machine Trades when I graduated from HS.

I applied applied applied and was denied denied denied.

I also didn’t fit the requirements for most of the scholarships offered by FIRST.


I received a FIRST scholarship and a basketball scholarship.

There are still no FIRST scholarships offered by schools in Colorado :frowning:

I was eligible for just 1 scholarship (2013, mechanical engineering, UCF) and did not get it. I was offered the standard platter of FIRST scholarships from Kettering, but decided to go to UCF instead.

This is an absolute shame. I really wish FIRST would promote more than college-bound STEM students and embrace the trades, especially with how expensive college is at the moment.


I didn’t get any scholarships, but I am also a white middle class male in engineering, so I don’t get anything based on need or minority.

When I was applying to colleges (2011), it seemed like all the FIRST-related scholarships were given by specific colleges and universities to their own students, none were offered by other types of organizations. I don’t know if that’s still the case, or even if it was truly the case back then, but that was my perception at the time. So I was only eligible for the one at the college I went to, where 1/3 of the student body are FIRST alums, and I didn’t get it. I remember the application was minimal, it may even have just been a box to check on your admissions application (ie “Did you participate in FIRST during high school”).

Not sure where this fits. I received a FIRST scholarship but was not able to accept it due to receiving a larger scholarship from the school that was in the same “category” of scholarships, and we may only accept 1 scholarship per category.