Alumni - What's your major?

FIRST Alumni: What was/is your major?

I am looking to collect a little bit of data about FRC alumni. If you are FIRST alumni and have attended or are attending college or university, please tell me what your major is.

Please do not fill out this survey if you are a mentor or parent (unless you are also a FIRST alum). If you are a high school senior with a declared/expected major you may fill out this survey but other pre-college students should not.

I intentionally broke down the categories as I did below but if you are inclined, you can comment your major on this thread (especially if it is unique!). You can select up to three options (for those of you crazy enough to triple major).

  • Engineering (any type)
  • Computer Science, CIS, or related
  • Robotics
  • Medical/dental/animal health science
  • Business
  • Other science & math
  • Social sciences & liberal arts
  • Visual & performing arts
  • Other

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I know that there are some old threads which cover some of this but I’m looking for more explicit and recent info. Thanks everyone!

I think an interesting dataset would be which engineering fields people went into. I honestly had no idea about industrial/manufacturing engineering until college and it’s great. Just wish FIRST would look into someway of incorporating it into an award. An engineer who understands the concepts of Lean, Agile, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, etc. Will go so far.


Definitely an interesting discussion. With this thread, I’m trying to identify some technical vs. non-technical paths that people take after FIRST.

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Agreed that a follow up poll with what type of engineering would be interesting. I’m curious how many people went into fields easily related to FIRST (ME, EE, etc), and how many went into less directly applicable fields (Chemical, Aerospace, Bio, etc)

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Right there with you, I spend a year and a half pursuing EE before I switched to Mfg. Eng… Couldn’t be happier with my decision and job!

Depending on your intended use of this poll, you should attempt to account for the significant sample bias that will occur by posting this on Chief Delphi. By default you’re going to be selected alumni who have stayed involved with (or minimally aware of) the FIRST Robotics Competition after graduation, which may skew the results.

I know it is not a scientific poll. I am primarily looking for anecdotal experience and big trends. Given the results up to this point, it seems close-ish to the expected data based on what FIRST puts out so I’m going to say this is good enough for what I need. I am also curious on the results among the people who stayed involved which is part of why I’m doing this the way that I am.

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Would you prefer to know the major one started their college career with, or the major they ended with?

For the indecisive among us.

id need more than 3 if i have to include everything…

How many majors did you graduate with?

I’d say graduated/ended with is probably a better metric.

I dont know if I am in the major until after this semester… We will see if I can keep a 3.5…

Pro tip, dont take only crazy hard classes your first semester. I had 3 classes total worth 16 credits. Wasnt fun.

0, i just keep changing my mind. I got another couple years left before i can think about that Jared.

Just about to finish my Art History degree with a focus on collection management and exhibition design. I enjoy seeing datasets like this and think it would be worth while doing a follow up poll for different branches of engineering as well as wider options for non engineering majors. It seems frowned upon in the FIRST community but I fully support STEM incorporating Arts into STEAM, obvious bias being obvious. I use skills I learned in FRC every day and it very much got me where I am. It has always felt a bit lonely being an alum outside of a clear STEM field, even as an active mentor.

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I’ve definitely seen some negative STEAM but I’ve noticed that, while some arguments are legitimate, most of them are people that think you’re requiring engineers to be artistic or something else that doesn’t make too much sense.

An unintended (but welcomed!) consequence of this post is letting people see that they are not alone in their path after FIRST.

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What should you put if you’re studying mechanical engineering with a focus in robotics? What about robotics engineering?

Same here. Or insisting that art is the opposite of STEM because it allows for chaos, surrealism, and the like. Very cool to see these kinds of unspoken stats from the community

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Check off both? Or just pick one. Not a scientific form - just looking for general trends.

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Well at least im not the only non-engineering STEM major alumni.


Computer Engineering here, and I agree with a good breakdown of engineering areas would be nice (maybe split this up into separate polls? One for engineers, one for non STEM, one for other STEM?)