AM 14u vex VP Mecanum

Has anyone mounted a CIM driven Vex VP to a to the AM 14u chassis to use Mecanum wheels? I am sure it can be done but I would like some pictures if anyone has some. I am sure I would have to drill some new holes.


I’m not aware of anyone doing this, but I haven’t seen every robot by a long shot.

Note that the U3 has mounting points for two of their Toughbox micros on each side to support mecanum. The TB micro is designed to be a drive gearbox, the VP is not.

What is your motive for using VPs over a more conventional drivetrain gearbox? VPs are really not meant for the extreme shock loading experienced by FRC drivetrains.

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OBTW, if you want a front break in your chassis and the TB micro in the front would get in the way, several teams in 2015 powered their front mecanums from the TB-mini by way of a belt. When we were reviewing options a few days ago, we noted that the C-C distance from the TB-mini drive axle to one of the TB-micro axles is 10.209" / 259.3 mm, so you would likely need a tensioner with either belt or chain.

I’d go with the TB’s Gus mentioned, my team has done that several times in the past (first Nano’s, then Micro’s).

One thing we learned last year… the Vex mecanums are a bit wider than the AndyMark mecanums, and we had trouble fitting them inside the Kitbot frame. We ended up basically destroying a set of the Vex mecanums because they were rubbing against the flange on the frame. Fortunately, that was just our practice robot, our competition robot used the AndyMark ones and didn’t have an issue.

We did this in 2015! I’ll see if I can find a picture.

Edit: picture attached.