AM 42 Tooth Pulley

The rookies are building a practice belt drive chassis and we seemed to have lost three of the 2013 Kitbot drive pulleys. For temporary use we would like to 3D print them. Does anyone have a CAD of just this that I can put into Makerbots Makerware software?

The Belt is listed below:

(I understand there are many risks mostly involving strength, and do not need this thread to discuss how reliable they are)

I don’t know if this has what you are looking for, but after spending 30 seconds doing a google search, I found this site. It has tons of CAD models!

I hope that helps!

That site doesn’t have the part you’re looking for. Autodesk has models of the whole KOP on their website, so the pulley should be there.

There are several parametric pulley models on Thingiverse (

Attached is a zip file with an openscad model and several examples that I have been playing with. You may be able to generate what you need from this. (929 KB)

Parametric_pulley (929 KB)

Thank you to those that helped. The printer is running now and printing the first

The OP asked for belt pulleys. You didn’t link belt pulleys. Also, that website has sprockets from Small Parts, which leads me to believe that it hasn’t been updated in a long time.

I think spending 30 seconds reading the post would’ve been a better idea.