AM Compressor versus Thomas Compressor

Anyone can confirm what the weight difference is between the compressor Andy Mark sells and the Thomas ones ? Also, is there a materially different output rate between the two. I’m also slightly concerned the AM might overheat given its reduced heatsinking and a 10% duty cycle rating.

The new compressor, gets really hot after prolonged use, I prefer the new compressor though, it is very small and very lightweight, I think the specs on it are the same as the old Thomas. I would say that the new one is about 1/2 the weight of the old Thomas.

Please refer to this thread for more information about the new V Air Compressor.

If you are talking about the new Thomas 215 than the V Air is about half a pound lighter but the Thomas is leaps and bounds better in terms of reliability, cycle time, and running temperature.

If you are talking about the old Thomas that were given in the KOP than the weight difference is about half.

The 215 is listed as having a 16amp running current and a 50 amp starting current. The starting current sure sounds like a show stopper for a 20amp rated spike.

Is anyone using the 215 in the competition ?

The spike is rated at 100 amps for < 2 seconds.

I forgot what the old Thomas compressor weighs but the Viair 90 series is 2.4lbs. Here is the full data sheet. It is carried by lots of retailers as it is a very popular unit.

We decided to use the old Thomas Compressor due to its duty cycle. Apparently the AM compressor in only 9%… So as other pointed out, it is not ideal for prolonged use (like to fill our 12-13 air tanks). Also, the AM compressor does not have a built in release valve, which has to be immediately “T-ed” off which adds a little weight.

I found the specifications for the Thomas compressor here .

To summarize

Viair 1.03 CFM @ 0psi
Thomas .80 CFM @ 0psi

Max continous pressure
Viair 120psi
Thomas 100.1psi

Duty cycle
Viair 9%
Thomas Not rated

Max on time
Viair >3min 3sec
Thomas Not rated

Viair 2.4lbs
Thomas 4.4lbs

Viair 1
Thomas 2

Current draw
Viair 10a
Thomas 10.5a

Check valve included ?
Viair Yes
Thomas No

Yes the external head temp of the Viair will get higher than the Thomas due to its lower thermal mass and the fact that it has more cooling fins to pull the heat from the compression chamber but that is a good thing since it likely means lower internal temps.

There’s something wrong with the Viair spec sheet you used.
The Viair itself carries a label stating:
“Flow Rate @ 0 psi (13.8 volts): 0.88CFM”

The spec sheets of the two devices also do not appear to be comparable, because different criteria were used in the measurements, e.g., the VIair measurement is based on 13.8 volts, while the Thomas is based on 12v.

Somewhere around I have timed compression tests we ran with both the older Thomas model compressor vs. the VIair 90. I’ll see if I can dig them up and post them.

I can’t compare the technical specs (besides, it has been done 2-3 posts ago), but I prefer the new compressor. Its size and weight make it ideal for this year’s smaller footprint, draws less power (never have we encountered electricity problems with it, unlike the Thomas compressor that draws so much power it shut our robot down in many occations) and makes less noise (which makes working withit that much more comfortable.

Here’s a test that was run on the same system/same fully charged battery/different compressors.
System held pressure for 5 minutes after test.
Thomas 405ADC36/12 (from 2009 kit)
VIAir 90 (purchased through AndyMark)

Ambient temp: 68 degrees
Volume (including hoses/tanks): 360 cubic inches
Battery voltage at start was 13.6v. During compression the voltage was ~12.4v (+/- .1v). At the end voltage was 13.02 for both.

-----------Thomas --------- VIAir
Time — psi/temp ------ psi/temp
0 min ----- 0/68d ---------- 0/68d
1 min ---- 60/70d --------- 30/69d
2 min ---- 85/71d --------- 60/72d
3 min — 110/74d --------- 80/73d
3:31 ---- 118/74d (cutoff)
4 min ----------------------- 100/83d
4:31 ------------------------ 118/85d (cutoff)