Am I alone in the universe?

I was just wondering who else has found themselves in the same situation I’m in now.

My team has been working non-stop all week long to prepare the robot for a scrimmage we held this morning. They’ve pulled all-nighters a few times recently and are definitely showing the effects. So today, after the scrimmage ended, they all went home to sleep.

I haven’t been able to stay all night, or even anything close, really, since I work a normal 9-5 job these days. So, for most of the afternoon and night, I’ve been working on our robot alone. There’ve been a few visitors, but nobody’s really done much to help.

I’ve got the robot in pieces again as I try to fix up some of the bugs we encountered today. It’s overwhelming and I’m really seeing how important having idle hands is to accomplishing tasks :slight_smile:


What’s the longest you’ve ever gone working on your team’s robot all by yourself? Am I crazy?

usually when you work on getting auton to work, you need some quiet time with the bot alone, so you can run it across the field, see what it does, debug your code, make adjustments, try it again

and you cant have other people trying to tweak subsystems while you are doing this - so you end up there late at night when everyone else has gone home

or like today, going in early on sunday morning :c)

Because the auton. is pretty new, I think it makes sense to say that teams haven’t really incorporated the extra time needed to program. They jam it in late in the building and even during competition. Programming importance went up in stock last year and now it’s even more important, as the Iowa Highway Construction commercial says, “Give 'em a Brake!”

if I actually worked on the robot this year, I could answer that… Instead, I worked almost exclusively alone on the Chairmans submission. And I’ve worked for many many many hours alone on that.
But in years past, I’ve been the only one awake for 2-3 hours, while everyone else was crashed-out on the floor.

longest a group of 4 of us worked on it? nearly 48 hours… we got to skip school for 2 days