Am I forgetting something?

So we pack up and leave to go to the Buckeye regional tomorrow, but I have this nagging suspicion that something (paperwork) Has been forgotten.

I have:
Bag and tag form
Paper copies of all consent and release forms
Bill of material

Anyone see something that should be on this list?

You will also need a printed team roster… per team email blasts.

Good luck!


Oh yeah, do not forget some safety glasses for the pit/unloading crew. Many times I see teams pack these in the robot crate and have to beg/borrow/buy more just to get inside and unpack theirs… of course most teams do not crate anymore :wink:

My list…

Bag and tag form
Paper copies of all consent and release forms
Bill of material

Safety Manual
Game Manual
Scouting forms
Tools/parts checkout/loan list

Insurance/Medical forms
Parent contact info
Hotel check/money
Rooming assignments

I think that is everything but there may be things that others bring/take

Also when bringing your printed rules manual, make sure to print out any updates and Q&A and add them… You never know when you have to reference them…


It may seem like overkill to some but we have always brought hard copies of our drawings. This was very important two times in four years. The most recent is last week when we had to have a part manufactured and they were able to turn it around in 30 minutes. Two years ago at National’s same thing.

Maybe a robot?

There was a FLL team that showed up at States a few years back, and they forgot their robot. A 3+ hour drive home, and no one was at home to call to bring it at least half way. I believe they did their judging presentations and then went home. We all felt really bad for them.