Am I still able to use Eclipse?

I noticed that the supported IDE is now VS Code, but I would like to continue using Eclipse, if I am able to. Is this possible, or am I required to use VS Code?

You are not required to use VS Code. However, it is the only officially supported development environment. The underlying build/deploy system is Gradle based and can work with any development environment that can run shell commands. There are teams talking about using IntelliJ, and Eclipse does have Gradle plugins as well, but unless someone builds a guide, you’re on your own to get it working.

There’s some tips for alternate IDEs on the GradleRIO readme:

Tried out an example project with IntelliJ and it worked without any hiccups.

I wrote up how to use VS Code for project creation and deployment while usinf Eclipse for everything else

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It’s also worth noting that VSCode has a feature that allows you to convert an Eclipse project into a VSCode project, which is an extra step, but would technically allow you to continue using Eclipse.
If you went this way, however, it’d make more sense to just switch to VSCode, as you’d have to set it up anyways.