AM KoP Wheel Slant

I have noticed that the AM wheel included in the KoP has a slant to the tread. The slant seems to be a design feature rather than a manufacturing defect since it is clearly on the prints here. In other words, the slant is intentional and thus must have a purpose. My question is what is it? Also, what it the intended orientation of the slant with respect to the drivetrain (i.e. slant in or out)?


That is probably draft from the molding process (slant designed in so that the mold can release). I would expect that it would wear down pretty quicly and flatten out after some use. It probably doesn’t matter which way you set it up.


Ahh! I wasn’t thinking about the need for the slant in the manufaturing process. Yep, I bet that’s it. Thanks! Maybe Andy will chime in here and confirm.

That is the case per a conversation I had with Andy (Mark actually did the design work) at the Kick Off workshops. The slant was needed to release the mold. You’ll notice a little “cup” also. Not to worry, it’ll wear down and become flat pretty quick.

Yep… what Dana said. The mold was cheaper if the part was designed this way.


Thanks for clearing this up guys. I was trying to figure out what advantage the slant would have one way or the other and just didn’t see the advantage. It all makes sense now.

Also, Andy and Mark, thank you for providing such a great wheel in this years KoP! It sure beats the old Skyways! Kudos to you guys!