AM Mecanum Wheels 6in VS 8in

We can’t decide which to get and frankly don’t know what we should consider when deciding which to get. The 6in look like they might hold up better since it’s one solid piece per side. I’m also guessing the 6in ones are lighter. What else should we consider?

Also what sensors do we absolutely have to have?

You’ll want to look at your gearing options; an 8" wheel is going to travel further for each revolution than a 6" wheel (thus the robot will go faster).

Another thing to note is that the 6" wheels can be assembled as left or right wheels, while the 8" wheels only go together one way. If your funds are limited (whose aren’t?), having to stock fewer wheels as spares can be beneficial.

What do you mean by what sensors do we absolutely have to have?
Technically you don’t NEED any but they make things alot nicer.

Well the kit gives us a Gyro so I’m guessing we will use that. It also gives us two gear two sensors which I think can be used as rotation sensors? If we use those we would need to get two more for the other wheels.

I guess what I’m asking is what sensors do we need to best use mecanum drive?

may want to grab some quadrature encoders to play around with. you can get some at US Digital.

For those who are interested, I’ve just uploaded and created a page about the prototype 6" mecanum wheels.

Thumbs up to AndyMark for creating these fantastic 6" mecanum wheels.

Can’t wait to see them in action!