AM Planetary Gearbox (removing the fisher price gear/buying one without a gear)

For the AM Planetary gearbox, you need to use a fisher price motor without a gear on it and then press the AM one on. The motors in the KOP have other gears on the already. Do teams pull these off somehow? Is there a place to find the fisher price without a gear on it? I looked at the FIRST documentation for where to buy extras of the KOP, and they don’t list where to get the motor.

the FP motor?

like the one with the black plastic gearbox on it?

i dont think it comes attached this year(to the plastic gearbox)

He’s talking about the pinion, not the gearbox.

yeah i just realized that:P

should be able to pop it off somehow…

I’m not near my KOP at the moment, but I’m 99 percent sure that ours came attached.

Search this site for various ways to remove the pinion gear. You need to be very careful or you will trash the shaft and/or bearings.

We dremel a notch and then whack the pinion with a cold chisel. Cold chisel alone will work if you have a big enough hammer.

I believe that Andy Mark was supposed to be a source for the motors this year, probably with the pinion attached. I also believe that the entire assembly (but not the motor alone) can be ordered as a fisher price replacement part.

Beware - only the motor with the 9015 part number markings is FIRST legal.

It comes attached. Heat it up with a cheap gas station lighter, and pull it off with pliers. There’s some adhesive in there that will liquefy with a little bit of heat.

there have been several tecniques of removing the gear on the FP(which does come attached to the black gearbox this year).

check this thread out

I wouldn’t recommend using heat or hitting the shaft of the fp motor whatsoever because they are easily destroyed.
These are the gear pullers we use for the fp/banebot motors. They are cheap and work very well.

This same thread seems to come up this time every year…

If you do a quick search, you will see the one from last year…a lot of good ideas in there.

Heat does work, however its not necessary.

A nut splitter worked for us.

careful not to get shavings into the motor if you use a dremel… that can seriously mess up your FP… If you do use a dremel, tape the opening on the motor shut so shavings cant get in…