AM Spinboxes

So who is planning on using AM’s new spinboxes?

They work great on our shooter.


We’ve ordered two and are planning on using them with the MiniCims.

For your shooter, are you cantilevering the axle? If so, could you shed some details on how thats going?
We were looking into machining/buying a longer axle, but it looks like there isn’t enough time for that (our machining sponsor’s lead time can be very long).

It runs well cantilevered and we have run test with it running almost nonstop for about 10 mins and it still works beautifully.

We under-inflated our pneumatic tires and with a cim and a mini cim it seems to work well.

If these were available two weeks ago, there’s a fair chance we’d have gone for them over our planned solution. But equal parts packaging and timing led us to our current plan.

I wish I knew about these 40 tooth CIM gears a few days ago when I ordered belts and pulleys. Oh well, belts it is I guess.

We ran GT2 3mm belts on our shooter, and are very happy. Plastic pulleys + belts = lighter then gears and quieter and grease less!

We’re going to be using one of these with a single CIM for our shooter. Once you factor in the support axle and sprockets they’re no heavier than chain.

Had they been available earlier we may have considered them but we are going with versa-planetaries and BAG motors.