AM SuperShifter in Inventor

Does anyone have the Super Shifter modeled in Inventor or know where I could get the files or drawings?

stp CAD file of the servo setup for the Super Shifter
stp CAD file of the pneumatic setup for the Super Shifter

also the first cad library has a *.ipt of all the gears

The *.stp files are not constrained, so they are in essence just a bunch of parts. Also there is minimal detail. I would suggest getting the gears from the FIRST CAD library before constraining the model, so you don’t have to do it twice

I haven’t been able to open the stp file in inventor. If anyone has the side plates saved as ipt’s could they please send them to me or show me where to get them? Thanks

I’m almost finished with a complete Super Shifter Assembly in Inventor. I’ve noticed that there are differences between the model from AndyMark and the actual device. I should have all of this resolved in a day or two.

I Downloaded the supershifter files also and am having some trouble getting the holes on the servo and the servo mount to constrain right. Anyone else having this issue? It IS possible that it is just me :cool:

It’s not you. There are several issues with the AM model. There is also an issue with the CIM motor mounting holes. I have two Super Shifters on hand and will disassemble one to verify these dimensions.

hear ED, he`s right

Good to know :slight_smile: I thought I was becoming rusty, I’m eagerly awaiting your drawings :slight_smile:

I can update our model. Let me know what these differences are, and I will make ours correct.

Andy B.

The Inventor version of the AM-0114 “Super Shifter” is now available in the FirstCadLibrary. The model calculates the weight to be 4.719 lbs. The slight overage is due to the fact that I drew the bearings as a solid piece of steel and the fasteners aren’t exact (you can get better fasteners in the content library). The error with the CIM motor dimensions was actually my bad (sorry Andy!).

Here are the errors I found in the AM Model.

  1. Missing mounting hole in the servo bracket.
  2. Missing corresponding hole in the plate (input side) for servo bracket.
  3. Extra hole in the plate (input side) that doesn’t exist on the part.
  4. Shift pin, bushing, hex bolt & nut missing from the model.

Hope this helps! enjoy …:cool:

Thanks loads, Ed. I will add this to my todo list and then post an update here when a new .stp model is available on our web page.


I noticed this morning that the bearings pressed into the gears on either side of the dog gear are shorter than my standard bearing models so I updated the Assembly. If you downloaded the “Super Shifter” before this post, please download it again. I also forgot the rotational constraint on the output shaft. Sorry 'bout that.

Thanks so much Ed :slight_smile:

Great model! Thanks Ed!

The pneumatics option for the “Super Shifter” is now available as an Inventor model on the FirstCadLibrary. :cool:

Ed, your amazing. Great job.