AM Toughbox Long Output Shaft Concern (maybe)

So my team got two of these because we did the omni wheel upgrade to the KOP drive base. When we tried putting them in the bearings in the Toughbox, it was like a pinion press fit. We ended up sanding down that part of the shaft a bit and it fit fine but I’m just wondering like is it supposed to be like this or did we receive a poor batch or something else?

Occasionally we see that the zinc plating on shafts collect on the bearing seats thicker than spec. The fix you did is what we tell people to try first and if for whatever reason they don’t want to or are unable to do so we send out a replacement shaft.

Ah I see cool cool. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a more serious issue

We had the same issue with fitting our Long magnetic hex Toughbox output shafts. We had to file and push quite a bit to get them to fit. We also cracked two of the magnets in the progress. (mallets were not the right tools for the job!)