AM14u2 Drive Train Parts

Anymark is currently out of some of the parts for the kit bot drive train. Does anyone want to sell or donate their unused kit bot parts to us. We are looking specifically for, and

If you can find a local sheet metal fabrication shop with a cutter (plasma, laser, waterjet, CNC, etc.) and a decent brake, the drawings are all available in whatever CAD package you like. You could probably have pieces made quicker than they’d get shipped.

Last year we built the Kit for our practice robot, then tweaked the drawings and had a sponsor make all our competition bot versions. We removed all the extra holes (for drive options we were not using) and added a lightening pattern to remove weight. Finished product was beautiful.

Hi, if you are still looking, we did not open our AM14u2 this season and it is available if you would like to buy it.

Go ahead and send a private message to me if interested.