AM14U2 Platform Upgrades

We are hosting a boot camp build on Sunday and we want to have options for the young teams on how to climb the platform using their kit drive trains.

How our other teams solving this problem?

We are currently going to suggest switching to 6 in wheels and changing the last gear reduction to 14 and 50 tooth gears.

I’m worried that the wide config might need 8 inch wheels.

I don’t think it is a problem. Team Indiana tested both a long and a wide configuration on the scoring platform without any problem.

When assembled per the instructions a 6WD will not bottom out while going over the bump. If you drive along the bump you have the potential for the robot to bottom out. Make sure you check that the wheels are mounted in the correct position for your chosen configuration. I think the problem may occur if you end up mounting the wheel axles in the holes further away from the end plates.

If driving along the bump is something that you want to do with 4 in wheels there is the possibility to bottom out. The chassis is designed to accommodate 6 and 8 in AndyMark wheels.

My concern is not crossing, it’s driving along whether intentional or accidental.

You will also need to order replacement belts in order to slide the wheel back one mounting hole. I’d be interested to see if there’s an official recommendation from AM yet on which belt to use.

Actually, on 2nd thought, you could tension the belt as well. So really whatever you want to suggest/the team wants to do.

  • Sunny G.
This is from the AM14U, but the hole pattern is identical to the AM14U2.

The video only shows going up the platform straight on. I don’t trust that all drivers are going to be able to avoid going up the corner of the platform or riding along it sideways. A dead robot in is unpleasant for your entire alliance. One of their partners could push them off but that will take time that could be used for scoring more points.

If you use the wide configuration you could just make it a little longer than 24" and you would have room with the current belts. In the long configuration I think you could cut into the front and back rails and make room for the larger 6" wheels.

Directions for square are for 4 inch. You may be able to cut the ends to fit 6 in wheels in this config also.

Since the chassis holes for using 6 inch wheels are the same for the square oriented chassis, the AM14U2 User Guide says to use 151T belts (am-2706).

I have personally been focusing all my efforts on the long orientation, but yes, cutting slots on the front/back piece is also a good way to avoid having to belt with the belting.

Ah, good catch. I was trying to put the 6" wheels into the first holes that worked, but I guess they’re ‘supposed’ to go one over.

  • Sunny G.