AM14U4 OmniWheel Upgrade Still Center Dropped

So my team got all the pats for this and assembled it as per the drawing on AM website. I noticed though that the it is still center dropped. Is this by design because I thought by using omni you remove the need for a center drop?

The kitbot frame?

Confused what you mean. Adding an Omni wheel won’t change the fact the kitbot has a center drop.

Yes my team used this:
I was expecting that doing this would remove the center drop but is this not case? It’s not stated in the product description so I’m not sure.

The center drop is created by the machining for the axles in the kit. Changing the wheels eliminated the need but it does not change the phyiscal frame.

Hmm cool cool thanks!

Sand down your middle wheels some.

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Yeah unless you machine new holes, you can flatten your wheelbase using different wheel diameters.

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