AM14U4 Upgrade Kit - Mecanum (am-14U4_MK6)


We have ordered and received the 6" mecanum upgrade kit (am-14U4_MK6) from Andymark but we are having some trouble as we cannot find build instructions on the Andymark website and none were included in the box. I was thinking that we could use the instructions for the am-14U3 upgrade kit, but the included parts seem to be sufficiently different for us to be confused.

I am hoping someone out there might have a resource to direct us to or perhaps I am just missing something on the Andymark website. Thanks in advance for any direction provided.


We have used this kit last year. The first thing you want to do is get the gearboxes built. Here are the instructions for that. There are 4 gearboxes they go in the ends.

The only difference is instead of a plate you are using the side of the kit as the back plate. They mount here. From there the only thing is finding out which spacers to use on each side of the wheels.


The other thing you need to know is how the wheels are supposed to look. Looking down from the top the wheels should make an X.


Have you contacted AndyMark about this? A lot of their staff members are active on chief but they have some of the best customer service out there and are very quick in responding to emails.


I appreciate both of your responses. It did occur to me to contact Andymark directly to see what the say, so I have sent them an email and hopefully I will get a response.

The gearboxes manual is a ton of help. We shouldn’t have any trouble following that one.

The spacers and the hardware used to mount the wheels themselves is mostly where we are stuck. The parts included are very different from those in last years kit.


Hi All,

Yes, us engineers are working on getting info on the website and getting the upgrade kit guides and drawings done ASAP. We appreciate your patience while we get these done. If you have access to CAD all of the STEP files for these kits are available at you can download the file and see how it goes together in 3D. The reason we changed up so many parts in the upgrade kits this year is really to save you money and space. The 6 in. Mecanum used to require a wider opening between the plates but with the U4 we were able to fit it in the standard spacing allowing you to use the standard churros and Toughbox shafts.