AM14U5 Kit of Parts Drivetrain - 2 issues to watch for

Congrats to the FIRST Community for another FRC kickoff!

AndyMark is happy to provide the AM14U5 drive base for the FRC Kit of Parts. During the final weeks of kitting all of the hardware into the boxes, we ran into two issues that teams should know about:

  1. Missing belts

We ran out of the donated Gates 160 tooth timing belt, 800-5M-15 (AndyMark part # am-2266). Many boxes had all belts included, but some did not. Each kit normally gets 3 sets of 4 belts. This 160T belt is the longest belt in the kit, designed for a long configuration.

So, if you did not get these 4 - 160 tooth belts, please go through FIRST’s “Missing or Damaged Kickoff Kit Items” process outlined here to request your missing belts.

This will most impact the teams who are deciding on a frame size (page 8 of the assembly instructions) and choosing “long chassis”.

We’re getting more belts in from Gates within 2-3 weeks. Sorry for this delay. Once we get those in, we will ship out belts.

  1. Wobbly hubs

Some of the am-4124 1/2" Hex Hubs are out of spec. We noticed very late in the kitting process that some of these hubs have an off-center hex bore. This does not allow the assembly to be as easy as it should, and causes the wheel to spin in a wobbly manner. Sorry about this!

We sent out gobs of hubs to remote kickoffs during the week before kickoff, trying to get good hubs into teams’ hands ASAP. But there are some who did not get good hubs.

So, if you are an AM14U5 chassis user and you didn’t get 2 extra hubs at your remote kickoff, please check your kit, check your hubs for concentricity, and then go through FIRST’s “Missing or Damaged Kickoff Kit Items” process outlined here if you think your hubs are bad.

FIRST’s Missing or Damaged Kickoff Kit Items process deadline is January 14th. After that date, you can contact us at “[email protected]” for help on these two issues.

You can find more information on this issue here.

Please coordinate this effort with your team so that we don’t get multiple requests from the same team.

Andy Baker


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